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Curating products and services that you can trust is at the heart of what we do as a support service for you. There are thousands of ‘recommendations’ out there. For us to recommend something, it means it has made it through our strict process and set of curation criteria. Fewer than 1 in 5 products that we are recommended or source make it through and onto our platform:

 1.We find the most recommended products and services: Our team requests and reads input from over 10 different sources to shortlist the most helpful products and services for each condition (if you have a product or service you would like to tell us about you can do so here).

2.We review the shortlisted products and services against 6 strict criteria:  

  • highly relevant for people living with this condition, .e.g, designed and intended for use for this condition
  • Intended to bring relief from a named side effect / symptom of this condition
  • Been recommended as a source of relief or support from a named side effect/symptom by our community (people living with this condition, their loved ones, healthcare professionals, condition experts, etc.
  • A consumer product or service without medical or regulated applicationIs. Please note that some products may be classed as a 'medical device' for regulatory purposes. However, all products listed can be purchased over the counter. We always recommend you consult a healthcare professional about which products are suitable for you and your health condition.
  • Not a form of complementary or alternative medicine, or if it is, then it is accredited by a licensed healthcare professional
  • Been vetted by a licensed healthcare professional 

    3.We select only the most helpful products and services. Every week our team discusses and debates which products and services that have made it through steps 1 and 2 should be listed on our platform. We do extra rounds of vetting 

    4.We present the products and services with as much content as possible in order to inform our community why it can be trusted: Once a product or service is selected, we gather together  all the information, testimonials and fine details to help show you why you can trust it and may consider trying it

    We have partnered with some amazing and reputable brands to bring you these product and service recommendations. Please note, by purchasing any of the products or services shown on our site you will be taken to the relevant partner to continue your order. Where we list products and services from third-party websites may give an indicator as to the price of the product or service by displaying 'prices from' on pages. However, the price that you will be required to pay for the product or service will be confirmed by the third party website. 

    Live Better With Ltd is an online intermediary and T&Cs apply.