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Ask a Self-care & Mindset Coach | Shanley Lewis


Learn to take a step back, find your calm and build a positive mindset; plus get to know a range of self-help techniques to help you feel a little more in control.

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Shanley really helped me during our coaching sessions to make my self-care a priority. My personal result/s was the level of my cup has increased; I’ve coped better than I expected with lockdown. 

About Shanley

Shanley Lewis is a Self-care Coach, Psychological Therapist and the Founder of Good to Me. She has been working within the NHS with people experiencing a wide-range mental health difficulties and their families.

Shanley has been involved in research, looking at the experiences people with mental health problems face.

“From working as a mental health care professional, I myself reap the benefits of practicing good self-care. I encourage all my clients I work with to practice self-care. They mention how important and enjoyable self-care is in improving their mental wellbeing, and the difficulty of practicing when they are not feeling 100%".

Shanley's mission is to help people to learn the skill of self-care, as she believes this is a skill that many of us have not been taught.


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